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Are You Currently Wrapping By Hand? Home
Do all of your waiters and waitresses have to wrap a certain amount of silverware before or after their shift?
Do your busboys have to take time out of their busy day to wrap?
Do you have to hire part-time or full time people just to wrap?
Do you pay overtime to your waiters, waitresses and busboys just to wrap?
Do your run out of wraps during a busy day and your waiters or waitresses must take time out to wrap during their busy day?
After you separate and pick silverware to wrap, do you have to wipe each piece down to eliminate fingerprints and contaminates?
Do your customers send silverware back to be replaced because it appears dirty?
Do you know how much money you are really spending on wrapping?

If any of these situations are burdening your restaurant, there's a new solution, "It's A Wrap" from Autowraptec. Not only will this revolutionary machine save you money instantly, it will assure you of delivering cleaner and sterilized silverware to the customer every time.
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