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Automatic Solution - It's A Wrap  

Click here for the descriptive product specification white paper in .pdf format..

  • Can be customized for either cloth or paper napkins already folded.
  • Programmable to wrap 2, 3 or 4 pieces of silverware in any combination.
  • One label wrap, pre-printed with self adhesive, placed around each rolled napkin with silverware. 3,000 labels on a roll.
  • Sorted silverware placed into 4 individual cassettes. 2 cassettes side by side under each cover shown. Each cassette can hold 50 pieces of silverware.
  • Silverware only fits one way in individual compartments.
  • Capable of holding at least 250 paper napkins, 50 cloth.
  • Napkin tray adjustable for napkin size.110 VAC with start/stop buttons and LCD display diagnostics.
  • Optional UV light for sterilization of silverware before it's wrapped.
  • Capability of wrapping 250-300 sets of silverware per hour depending upon amount of silverware in each wrap.
  • Silverware cassettes can be filled with dirty silverware, placed into dishwasher and then directly onto machine for wrapping.
  • Wrapped silverware delivered to a removable bin.
  • Size -- 36"w x 30"deep x 28"high
  • MTBF > 1500 hours
  • One year full warranty
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